Forgottten Places and Small Amounts

The more time I spend with God asking Him to show me His heart, the more simple details He reveals about our lives and how those details affect us.

I spent some time picking up the house from the previous week’s hurried schedule and during that time noticed the precious toddler window art left by my grandson on our glass storm door.  He loves to look outside and watch life “beyond the door”, while my older grandson can now open the door, but that’s a whole separate issue for another post.  I’m so blessed to have my grandchildren in my life!

I retrieved the window cleaner and wiped away the finger prints and lip marks from the glass, all the while hoping it wasn’t too long before he visited again and created fresh “art”.  While cleaning the glass, I saw the greasy smudges around the door knob, both inside and out, but what was under the outside door handle was not a pretty site.  It’s one of the forgotten areas to get wiped off, not as obvious as the glass and painted  surfaces.  I grimaced, cleaned it, and headed straight for the back door which was worse than the front.

I started up the stairs from the back landing, and noticed the grimy hand rail.  I exorcised the rail’s dirt along with other smudges on the wall.  Wow, I thought I did a better job with the details, but life gets in the way and it’s so easy to forget or neglect the everyday use areas that are not large, looming or smelly.  At the top of the stairs, I entered my kitchen, and noticed the wall next to the doorway was quite spotted.  It’s where we set the garbage just before we take it out, but sometimes, the trash sets for a day and we add to the bag before it goes out.  Thus, a dirty wall over a long course of time.

I know these are weird details to share, but the Holy Spirit spoke to me as I cleaned the wall.  He said,”It’s the same way in people.”   I stopped scrubbing and listened.  “How, Lord, tell me so I can learn.”  He didn’t answer then, and I went on to my next project, which was making cupcakes, white cupcakes.

I mixed the ingredients and carefully separated the egg whites, but a small drop of yellow yolk slid quickly and effortlessly down into my bowl of divided whites, threatening to discolor the entire batch.  I managed to get it out with a spoon, but the Lord, spoke again.  “Tell your readers that I see every detail of their lives, and they need to know how a little leaven, a little dirt, and what they think are small sins, can build up in their lives because they think those areas aren’t big enough to matter, but they do matter to Me.”

Scripture equates leaven or yeast, to sin. Galatians 5:9 “A little leaven leaveneth the whole batch.”  The best way to stay close to God is take care of sin, daily.  Confess it, repent for it (turn aside from it) and walk in righteousness.  Don’t ignore sin and think it doesn’t matter.  Sin builds and accumulates, and the more you feed or service it, the bigger and deeper it becomes.  The enemy, satan, wants you to believe the lie that sin is either to small to bother with, or it’s too big to forgive.  The enemy is the prince of liars and in him dwells no truth.  Tell God what needs cleaned up.  Don’t wait!

Remember, especially at this season of celebrating Jesus Christ’s blood sacrifice for our sin on the cross and His resurrection from the dead, that Christ has already “cleaned you up”.  All He’s waiting for, is for you to reach out and take the gift He so freely offered.  You can’t buy the gift, or do enough good works to receive it.  Just tell Jesus you believe He is Lord, son the living God, and you want everlasting life with Him.

God knows every part of our lives.  He loves us unconditionally.  Small, large, forgotten, hidden sins and all.

Run as quickly as you can to His side, and let Him love you.





Jump Into New Beginnings

In the last six months, I’ve had two different dreams about me jumping off mountains.  Don’t laugh.  Keep reading and I’ll explain.  I sincerely believe one of the ways God speaks to us is through dreams and visions.  In the first dream I appeared on an extremely high, rugged, mountainous terrain.  All the mountains were purple-gray, void of vegetation with vast cavernous areas between one mountain and the next.  Mountains and boulders as far as I could see, and they seemed impossible to cross or climb.  I saw myself running to the edge of one mountain cliff, and as I approached the cliff, my speed increased and I lunged off the edge of the mountain without hesitation.  Immediately, I sprouted two beautiful wings and flew above the mountain ranges and off in to the distance.

In the next dream, I stood on the side of a mountain ledge with normal landscape and colors like the Rocky Mountains.  A vast canyon separated this mountain from the one I could see across from me which was lower and had a smooth flat area on top.  Once I viewed the lower mountain, I jumped towards it, flying effortlessly across the open chasm below, and landed safely on the flat ground, completely unscathed.

I’d been struggling with job issues, and wanted desperately to leave my job.  I worried I was being selfish to the people I worked for and to my family for finances.  At night, I prayed and paced the floor, wanting desperately to hear God’s voice to tell me what to do.  I was afraid of making the wrong choice.  Leaving the job would require big faith, and I had worn myself down listening to the doubt and fear satan whispered in my ears.

Worry and faith cannot coexist, and without faith, it’s impossible to please God.   Finally, I told God, ” More than anything, I want to do what You want.  I know that is the path to true peace.  If You want me to stay, God, I will, and I will trust You to make a way for me to work there, and if it’s o.k. to leave, just let me hear You.”

Through my dreams, I believe God told me to JUMP! Take a leap of faith.  He’d be there to hold me up, to help me land, and everything would be alright.  My husband stood behind my decision to leave, and we made plans to tighten our financial belt, because I was leaving without another job waiting for me. I gave my employer five weeks notice, and I had a job offer the day following my last day of work.

God is good!  He is a God of promise!  He loves us!  He will hold you up.  It pleases Him to see His people step out in faith and trust Him to provide.  He gets the glory and praise and you reap the benefits of His amazing love.

I spoke of God in relationship to a job, but this is how He wants to respond to us in every area of our lives.  Let go.  Jump off the cliff in faith for whatever you need.

If you’re asking God for a child, or you’re thinking about abortion because you can’t see any other possible answer.   Don’t give up!  Ask Him to speak to you and tell you what to do.  Ask for that baby you so desperately want.  You may conceive, you may adopt.  He can give you a child.  Children are His blessing to us.  If abortion seems your only answer, jump off the cliff and into His loving arms.  He will catch you and make a way for you to get through the pregnancy and to live in peace after the baby is born.  Perhaps you’ll keep your child, or maybe you’ll be the answer to the family who is praying to receive a baby.

He wants only good for you, not evil.  Give Him a chance to catch you.