About Donna

I live in Nebraska and I have a job outside of our home.

I’m married, have two adopted children and have had two miscarriages.  Two handsome grandsons and two beautiful granddaughters are now a part of my life. I was married for ten years and 31 years old before I adopted my first child.

So, when I tell you I understand about the pain of infertility, I do.

I want to listen to you, really hear you, and if you’d like me to, pray with you.  I’ve prayed for many women, who now have children.  God is so good.

If you’re thinking about, or have already had an abortion, please contact me.  Father God loves each of us, no matter what we’ve done.  No one is perfect, only Christ.  I can pray with you or talk to you, and with God’s help you’ll make it through your very difficult time.

That’s why I’m here.

I can help.