About Light Cradles

Do you want a child?  Did your child die?  Did you adopt or do you want to adopt a child?  Abortion is a deep wound in many women and men’s hearts.  Are you thinking about or have you aborted a child?

These subjects are difficult to talk about with people who have not experienced the pain.  They say they understand and most, genuinely want to, but in reality cannot.  I do.  I’d like to talk with you about these subjects.  God directed me to start this blog,  share my experiences with others, and help guide them to the “choice” for life.

During a time of fasting  prayer in September of 2009, I was shown an endless line of angels in heaven who appeared to stand at attention and gazed straight ahead.  Each of them held in their hands a sphere of brilliant light.  I was told inside the light cradle they held was an aborted or miscarried baby, and in the ages to come, these children would fulfill their destinies.

They were important to God when He created them, and He protects and nurtures them now, in heaven.

To God I say, “Thank You!”  I have two children, in heaven, waiting to meet their mother.