Baby Showers are a Blessing . . .

My niece is expecting her first child and I’m excited!  The baby is a boy, and he’s due on Christmas day.  What a gift!  Her due date is God’s reminder to us that all good and perfect gifts are from Him. Since my niece and her husband were dealing with infertility, I prayed and asked God to give them a child, and I know from experience He wants to answer those prayers.  So, I was not surprised to hear the marvelous news.  He wants abundant life for us and children are a part of that.

When I pray for a woman to be given a child, I always ask for her to conceive, but I’ve learned from my life, God has other ways of giving us our children and I leave the details of their arrival to Him.  In other words, I ask with expectation of His goodness towards us, but I know in His love and wisdom, sometimes God takes different routes to answer our prayers due to His view of the “big” picture of our lives.

I attended her baby shower last evening, and found myself experiencing a twinge of the old pain.  The, “you’ll never know what it’s like to carry a child in your body, to feel it grow, to be complete.”  I had to deal with the lie satan whispered in my ears.  At first he surprised me with his ambush.  I cried momentarily, then anger welled up inside me.  I told him in no uncertain terms, he had no place in my life and no right to spread his untruths.  I belong to Jesus, and I am a mother, in EVERY way that’s important after the child is born, and I am complete in that role and more importantly, complete in Christ and His view of me.

The lies stopped; my joy in God’s answered prayer in my and my niece’s life bubbled to the surface, and I enjoyed the shower, the sweet gifts that were given, the corny games played at such events and the camaraderie of women, experiencing with our friends and loved ones the immeasurable joy the arrival of a baby brings to all those connected with its life.

I watched my niece laugh, smile wistfully and cry.  Bittersweet emotions so close to the surface.  I was with her in those feelings.  Her father, my brother, died of cancer seven years ago at the age of 48.  He didn’t get to walk her down the aisle and he will not be at the hospital on the happy day her first child is born.  My brother loved airplanes, played a mean guitar and sang with talent and emotion.  My niece inherited his talents, and I wondered, which of those skills will pass to the next generation?

I honor of her dad, the baby’s nursery has airplanes and bears on the wall, and someone gave her little son a onesie, complete with an embroidered red electric guitar.  We cried.  We remembered.  We wished he would be here to laugh, kiss and cuddle his precious grandson. But God is good.  My brother’s bloodline passes to his own children he loved so dearly, and now, his grandchildren.

So, I thank God for baby showers and life that continues, even though there was a time in my life I did anything I could not to attend them.  Now, I see them as a blessing, a reminder of life and a celebration of God’s answered prayer.

I want to pray with you if you want a child.

“Father God, I thank you for your boundless love, mercy and goodness towards us.  If we as parents want to give good gifts to our children, how much more do You want to give good gifts to us.  You are not a man, and You do not lie.  I remind You of Your word, now, as I ask for the blessing of a child for the women praying with me.  Heal their bodies and their husband’s body if he needs your touch.  Mend their spirit and mind with Your love and goodness and give them their heart’s desire.  Give them the child they so desperately want.  You want life, not death.  We ask for that life now, in the name of Your son Jesus Christ.  Do for them what you’ve done for many other women I’ve prayed for.  You gave me children and now, my neice.  Let me hear from the women who pray this prayer with me the good news of Your blessing in their lives.  Thank you for loving us more than we can even ask or think.  Thank you for all the babies that will be born because of Your goodness.  In the name of Jesus we ask this.  AMEN!”

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