Our Growing Inhumanity and Callousness

I never cease to be amazed at how far society has fallen in their acceptance of what is morally wrong, or in my opinion, better stated as evil. This post contains some links to good examples of my thoughts contained here.  I hope you read them.

I follow a few pro-life websites, and there are times I’m barely able to finish their articles about abortion before I begin to weep and the need to pray completely overwhelms me. The Holy Spirit speaks to my spirit, and I start interceding in prayer for our country and other countries who sanction, or even order the killing of unborn babies by abortion. In some cases, infants born alive during abortion procedures are murdered by the doctor, or, medical care is withheld from these children until they die.  These babies are unceremoniously placed out of sight, left to die alone, without care or thought because they were supposed to succumb to the abortion procedure.

I do want to say, in some United States hospitals and also, in some abortion clinics, there are medical staff who struggle with the horrific practices I spoke of in the preceding paragraph. I’ve read more than a few articles about nurses whose hearts break because of abortion practices, yet they must follow their employer’s requirement which is to obey the law of our country that states a woman has a “right” to take the life of her unborn child. See this link: http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/this-is-so-hard.-oh-god-its-so-hard-nurses-tell-of-aborted-babies-born-aliv

More late-term abortions are taking place. These procedures need a woman to give birth. The result is, many more babies do not die from the lethal injections or chemical solutions meant to kill them.  According to the Journal of Medical Ethics, debates are now taking place about killing newborns if the woman chooses because the child would be a financial, physical or emotional burden to the mother OR the family. See the following link:http://jme.bmj.com/content/early/2012/03/01/medethics-2011-100411.full

In my past post entitled: When God Says-”Don’t Do That!”-It’s Because He Loves Us I talk about God in His wisdom knowing if He gives the human race an inch, we take ten miles, so to speak, and end up destroying ourselves and others. Yet, He gives us a chance to honor Him by making good, moral, loving choices like He desires for us.

I cannot fathom the reasoning of women who would actually give birth to an unwanted child and will NOT place it for adoption in a loving home, yet they follow through with abortion.  There is no excuse for this tragedy when so many women today are unable to have biological children.  Our culture has senselessly bought into the lie of satan that what we think is best for ourselves, far outweighs the lives of our own children.

Please, please give adoption serious consideration if you are pregnant and can’t keep your child.  Give life and love to your little one by allowing your baby to fulfill its God-given purpose for his or her life.  God will see your heart and take care of you, your child and the family who will love your baby as their own.  I know this for a fact.  I have two adopted children who are now grown with beautiful families of their own.. Don’t listen to the lies of our culture that increasingly speak in favor of death and destruction.

Remember this; when you abort your child, you take the lives of generations of people.

I will pray for you.  Feel free to contact me.  I love the two women who gave life to my children.  I will forever be thankful and grateful to God for their choice of life.







Baby Boxes Save Lives And Bring Hope

 Today our extended family celebrated the birth of a new baby!  We anxiously awaited her birth, and welcomed her into our lives.  At the same time, I await the arrival of my third grandchild and first granddaughter!  I can hardly believe it’s true.  So many years ago the thought of being a grandmother seemed like an impossible dream due to my infertility issues and miscarriages.  I wanted desperately to become a mother, and because two women gave life to their children and the gift of adoption, I have a daughter and a son and three grandkids.  I’m so blessed, but many mothers face insurmountable choices and often the consequences to the newborns are devastating.

I’ve been aware of different forms of “baby boxes, or hatches” for a long time, but today, I read an article about the resurgence of these boxes in numerous countries around the world.  The use of baby boxes are being implemented in European and Asian countries in an effort to save the lives of children from infanticide or abandonment and subsequent death. When an unwanted child is born and the mother is unable for cultural, religious, or emotional reasons to care for the child, and the babies birth would be a stigma placed on the woman for the remainder of her life, this safe form of anonymous abandonment is one way to save the child’s life who is then placed with an adoptive family.

Typically the boxes are at hospitals, and are an incubator with an outside door for the mother to place the baby inside, shut the door, which then signals the medical staff that a baby is inside and in need of attention.  The baby’s life is saved and protected.

The United Nations is promoting a ban on these boxes and wants the use of them stopped, stating they “violate the rights of the child”.

Infanticide is on the rise around the world.  Where are the rights of the child in that situation?  Any idea that saves the lives of children is a good idea.  Yes there are social, poverty and educational  issues to be addressed, and countries need to do this, but while waiting for these answers which will only be a small percentage of the problem solving, children are being abandoned and murdered.  These boxes are one way to encourage adoption and life for the children.

Adoption gives life and creates new families. Adoption gives hope for the future to desperate people waiting for a child to love and raise as their own.  Adoption is one way God answers these prayers for the birth mother, the baby and the adoptive family.

I know.  My children are adopted, and now our family is completing the circle with grandchildren.

God is so good.  Prayerfully consider adoption, or support people who are trying to save the lives of babies through pregnancy homes for mothers, or communities sponsoring baby boxes, and orphan care homes.  Save lives.  Love a child!

Here is a link to the article I read.  http://news.yahoo.com/europe-mulls-banning-boxes-abandoned-babies-075454911.html 


Giving Up Fear

Republican Paul Ryan, the United States Congressman from the first congressional District of Wisconsin, told a reporter during an interview that he gave up fear for Lent.  This was during a time his highly debated budget proposal plan was being presented to the House of Representatives, and due to it’s tough proposals on reducing government entitlement spending and downsizing the country’s deficit, the Congressman knew he would be politically and personally attacked by Democrats and Republicans, and that the news media would attempt their own textual and verbal assassinations.

The reporter asked him if the was serious, and was he doing it? The Congressman answered, “I’m working on it.”

Although the reporter appeared both amused and puzzled at his answer, the practice of taking hold of, or releasing thoughts and our response to them is not a new premise.

The bible states in 2nd Corinthians 10:5  KJV “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”   God’s word, the bible, says without faith it is impossible to please Him, and that He has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and a sound mind, Romans 8:15, Hebrew 11:6.

Thoughts and imaginations originate in our mind, the same place fear attacks us.  Fear is the opposite of faith.  Therefore, it’s not from God.  Father God is not double-minded.  He cannot and would not give us something He has already said does not please Him and that He told us is NOT from Him.   If it’s not from God, it’s from satan. Don’t take that fearful thought or temptation.  When it comes, recognize it for what it is.  Say, “NO!  I’m not going to receive this. Go from my mind, now!”  That’s one way to cast it down and get your mind back into captive obedience to God, who only wants good for you.  Then, ask God through the Holy Spirit to give you His peace, and thank Him for loving and caring for you in every area of your life.  You need to do both, tell the thought to go and ask God for His help.  Throw it out and replace it.  The more you practice, the easier it becomes and the less satan will bombard you in that area of fear or temptation. 

Because of our human nature and the world’s culture around us, our minds will always be assaulted with ideas that are not in line with God’s good plan for our lives.  He created each of us to live in this time and place, giving us talents, personalities, strength, compassion, abilities and determination to carry out His destiny and unique purpose that only we can bring to the earth and others around us.

Fear cripples, destroys and kills that destiny if we allow it to take up residence in our heart and mind.  God gave us a way out through His son, Jesus Christ.  Everything we need to live a victorious life is found in Him and His magnificent love for us. Give up fear by kicking it out!

I can’t end this post without encouraging women who are afraid the baby they long for will never be, or, by reaching out to women in a different position, who think if they don’t abort the child they carry, their own life will be destroyed.  Who’s telling you that? 

Not God . . .

God gave you the desire to have a child, don’t give up on the dream that came from Him. Tell the fear to go and start rejoicing and praising Him for whatever way He’s going to bring that child into your life! 

Abortion is not Gods plan. He gave the child life, so He wouldn’t tell you abortion is the answer.  It’s part of your destiny to give birth to the baby you carry.  He may choose another home for the child and a different path for you to walk, or He may show you He wants you to raise the child and for the two of your lives to be entwined as family.

Email me, or write.  I will answer, help and pray for you.  God is good.  He’s hope and mercy and loving kindness.


Courageous Birth Mothers-Women Who Love and Give Everything

Monday, May 28th is Memorial Day in the USA.  It’s a time to remember and celebrate the fallen and living veterans who courageously fought, died and live to ensure our country’s freedom.  Their sacrifice means we civilians have the opportunity to live our lives to the fullest, and are able to enjoy the freedoms that our Constitution provides.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the freedom of speech and the right to worship as we wish are just a few of the liberties we have because of our veterans.  I want to thank and salute you.  I send up my prayers for you and your families.

I have numerous readers from other countries, and I want to thank you.  I mentioned Memorial Day not only for those of you in the states reading this blog, but to let the people from other countries know what we celebrate this weekend.  My readers from China, do not have many of the liberties we take for granted.  I think of the Chinese people often and pray for them.  The Chinese government restricts families to one child.  The horrific result of this law is the untold millions of babies, mostly girls, who have been aborted over the past decades.  My heart cries out before the Lord God to end the senseless slaughter of Chinese children because of a government’s hold on citizens who do not have the life and liberty that we do in the USA.  Never mind that when man steps in to control the birth of human life, we mess it up and mess ourselves up beyond all possible imagining.  The Chinese are now dealing with a population completely out of God’s balance with more males than females.  This is a problem that will not be easily fixed without further interference from man.

Women who give up their children for adoption are some of the most courageous women on the earth.  The decision to give their babies life and the chance at a better life and education that the birth mother is not able to give them, at this point in her life’s journey, is an act of great courage and sacrifice for the benefit of her child and the adoptive family.  I thank you and my heart salutes you.  I cannot imagine the agony of that choice, and the years of wondering how they are; are they happy, loved, cared for, what do they look like, all while trying to make a new life for yourself.  The God of all creation knows your sacrifice and has a special blessing for protecting the child He formed in your womb and the great love you showed your child by your “choice.”

I have two children because of two women’s great love and monumental sacrifice.  If I could hold each of you in my arms and bless you, I would.  So, instead, I say thank you to all of you from those of us who love your babies and raise them as our own.  We gave birth in the agony of our waiting hearts, counting on your courage, and we cannot say “thank you,” enough. 

To me, you are as courageous as a veteran facing death under fire, and the protection you gave “our” child was the selflessness of a true mother.

I pray for all of you who have made, or are making, this choice for life as every mother everywhere in the world makes the choice for her children.

God knows who you are.



Adoption, Abortion and the “October Baby” Movie

Gut wrenching, poignant and truthful, are just a few of the things I have to say about the movie I saw on Saturday, “October Baby”.  The movie is about a college age girl named Hannah, who discovers not only that she was adopted, but that she was the child of a failed abortion attempt.  The movie shares the 180 degree emotional upheavals of her life and her ultimate resolution of these feelings and the discoveries Hannah makes along the way. I don’t want to spoil the movie for those of you who haven’t seen it, so I won’t say more.

 First, I want to say, having two adopted children of my own,  you should ALWAYS tell them they are adopted.  Start when they’re very young with various things that are age appropriate for their understanding, and add to the details as conversations and situations happen, like birthdays and other family members delivering their babies and tell them how their arrival was different into your family, but NO LESS loved, awaited and prayed for.  Children are very accepting and curious, and when they grow up in a loving, safe environment, all the questions can be answered with love and respect.  Don’t offer more information than is necessary, and let the child take the lead as they grow older and may or may not want more info. Don’t cross bridges that may never need to be crossed, and if the bridges do appear, God in His grace and wisdom will help you with the answers.

The children you adopt know only you as mom or dad unless you adopted older children.  You were the one or ones who was there from the beginning, caring, loving, protecting, supplying their every need for life after birth.  Believe me, YOU are the parent or parents!  You are the “REAL” mom and dad!  Because my children are from Korea, people always wanted to know who their “REAL” mom was, and did I know her.  Inside I died at their ignorant questions, but I always answered, “I am their REAL mom”, the biological mother’s info was none of their business.  In every sense of the word “mother”, I am that person and so grateful to God for His merciful goodness to have my daughter and son . . .

There is a scene in the movie where someone answers Hannah’s questions about her arrival on this earth, and because of some other info she receives at this time, some brutal details are shared with her about the abortion process.  I read some media reviews about the movie, and one from the The New York Times equated the movie with false compassion, using the language of fear and guilt and portrays the info given to Hannah in this particular scene as reminiscent to bloody placards used outside of abortion clinics, showing fetal mutilation.  Well . . . excuse me, but that is exactly what happens during an abortion, depending upon the method used.  The baby IS mutilated and torn apart, to remove it from the mother’s body.  Read about abortion procedures such as, suction and curettage or dilation and evacuation.

People are upset when they hear the REAL details, and I would hope to the good Lord, they are.  They need to be.  What do they think happens, a magic wand is waived over the mother and the baby goes painlessly to heaven?  The process is BRUTAL.  It’s why pro-life people are so enraged and passionate about letting women know what really happens when they make THE CHOICE.

How does The New York Times critic equate someone loving and caring for someone elses child and raising it as their own, to false compassion?  Caring about what happens to the mothers choosing abortion and their physical and mental health, is that false compassion?  That boggles my mind.  Adoption and truth are the very picture of God’s love, here on earth.  There’s been so much purposefully wrong information given to women, so much language strategy used to make people think that unborn children are not human beings by refusing to use the nouns child or baby.

I love all of you reading this.  I’m quite passionate about the lives of our little ones, so dependant upon us, and about the lives of women who believe the lie that abortion is the answer to their problem.  God is the answer.  Only He can resolve what needs to done for the women and their babies. 

Give them life.  Give the babies a chance. 

I do love you.  Believe me . . . this is not easy to write about post after post, and it tears my heart out when I think of all the pain and beautifully broken lives in this vast world, where everyone is trying so hard to make the right choices.

You and your children are in my prayers.


Jump Into New Beginnings

In the last six months, I’ve had two different dreams about me jumping off mountains.  Don’t laugh.  Keep reading and I’ll explain.  I sincerely believe one of the ways God speaks to us is through dreams and visions.  In the first dream I appeared on an extremely high, rugged, mountainous terrain.  All the mountains were purple-gray, void of vegetation with vast cavernous areas between one mountain and the next.  Mountains and boulders as far as I could see, and they seemed impossible to cross or climb.  I saw myself running to the edge of one mountain cliff, and as I approached the cliff, my speed increased and I lunged off the edge of the mountain without hesitation.  Immediately, I sprouted two beautiful wings and flew above the mountain ranges and off in to the distance.

In the next dream, I stood on the side of a mountain ledge with normal landscape and colors like the Rocky Mountains.  A vast canyon separated this mountain from the one I could see across from me which was lower and had a smooth flat area on top.  Once I viewed the lower mountain, I jumped towards it, flying effortlessly across the open chasm below, and landed safely on the flat ground, completely unscathed.

I’d been struggling with job issues, and wanted desperately to leave my job.  I worried I was being selfish to the people I worked for and to my family for finances.  At night, I prayed and paced the floor, wanting desperately to hear God’s voice to tell me what to do.  I was afraid of making the wrong choice.  Leaving the job would require big faith, and I had worn myself down listening to the doubt and fear satan whispered in my ears.

Worry and faith cannot coexist, and without faith, it’s impossible to please God.   Finally, I told God, ” More than anything, I want to do what You want.  I know that is the path to true peace.  If You want me to stay, God, I will, and I will trust You to make a way for me to work there, and if it’s o.k. to leave, just let me hear You.”

Through my dreams, I believe God told me to JUMP! Take a leap of faith.  He’d be there to hold me up, to help me land, and everything would be alright.  My husband stood behind my decision to leave, and we made plans to tighten our financial belt, because I was leaving without another job waiting for me. I gave my employer five weeks notice, and I had a job offer the day following my last day of work.

God is good!  He is a God of promise!  He loves us!  He will hold you up.  It pleases Him to see His people step out in faith and trust Him to provide.  He gets the glory and praise and you reap the benefits of His amazing love.

I spoke of God in relationship to a job, but this is how He wants to respond to us in every area of our lives.  Let go.  Jump off the cliff in faith for whatever you need.

If you’re asking God for a child, or you’re thinking about abortion because you can’t see any other possible answer.   Don’t give up!  Ask Him to speak to you and tell you what to do.  Ask for that baby you so desperately want.  You may conceive, you may adopt.  He can give you a child.  Children are His blessing to us.  If abortion seems your only answer, jump off the cliff and into His loving arms.  He will catch you and make a way for you to get through the pregnancy and to live in peace after the baby is born.  Perhaps you’ll keep your child, or maybe you’ll be the answer to the family who is praying to receive a baby.

He wants only good for you, not evil.  Give Him a chance to catch you.







Denial And Rationalizing Our Decisions

When a situation or circumstance in our life is particularly difficult or questionable in the eyes of God and/or society, one way people attempt to deal with the problem is to tell themselves it doesn’t exist.  That’s denial, and it solves nothing, except to delay pain.  Inevitably, we’re forced to deal with the issue which usually our denial has exacerbated.

When we do decide to act, we think about how our response to the problem will best suit our own needs. Therefore, the path we choose to solve the situation has a predetermined destination.  Arrive where we want to end up without jeopardizing our moral integrity and keeping guilt as far away as possible.

There was a period in my life I faced one of these extremely difficult decisions.  I denied my actions were what they were, I told myself I was doing nothing wrong and if the other person involved in the situation had done what they should have done, I would not be in the pain I was in, or dealing with hard choices.  Although there was truth in the very things I just stated, ultimately, I did have other paths to take.  I did not choose them.

Ironically, at this most painful time in my life, I heard from my old grade school sunday school teacher, Mrs. H., I’ll call her for this post.  I was forty years old, and hadn’t spoken with her for at least twenty years.  My teacher was an intercessor.  A prayer warrior, as I like to call them.  She was eighty years old, lived alone, and told me the last time I spoke with her, the greatest joy in her life was having conversations with God. Which, at the time I thought, “how nice for you.”

Now, twenty years later, she proceeded to tell me God had spoken to her about me, and that I was in trouble and she should pray for me, which she did.  But that wasn’t enough for Mrs. H.  She found my phone number and called me.

When I recognized her voice on the phone, I froze.  She began telling me she missed seeing me, and how was I and my family.  I remember lying, telling her everything was fine, which it wasn’t, and all I wanted to do was get off the phone.  I knew she wouldn’t go easily, and she didn’t.  She asked if there was anything she could pray with me about.  I thanked her and bluntly said, “no.”  I knew her well enough to know, God, would be in her next statement or question, and He was.  She told me again, God wanted her to pray and she wanted to hear my voice.  I know now, she was following the direction of the Holy Spirit who had urged her to call me, as well as pray for me.

I did not handle the call well.

You see, I had already decided how I was going to end the bad situation in my life, and there was no way I would let her or God dissuade me from that choice.  I rejected her help, and in no uncertain terms, told her I did not want to talk to her anymore about my family, and that I did NOT want her to pray for me!  She was hurt, but told me she obeyed God, and she loved me, and would continue to pray for me.  The conversation ended.  I had made my decision, and neither she nor God was going to make me feel guilty about it.

What I didn’t realize at the time was, God talked to Mrs. H. out His great love for me and my family. I had rejected her help out of my pain and determination not to feel guilty about my choice.  In my mind, if she or others like her were kept at a distance, I was safe.

Rationalization and denial are coping methods, nothing more.  They do not equate to truth.

Before a woman has an abortion, a child lives and breathes in her body.  After the abortion, the child is dead, and you participated in that death.  If you chose, or are thinking about choosing the path that’s best suited to your own interests such as abortion, your child will die.  There’s no other way to say it.  Political correctness has drenched our culture with these rationalizing lies about the unborn and a woman’s right to choose.

For a time and for the immediacy of the situation, we may be successful in setting aside the thoughts and fears about abortion being death for the baby, but those thoughts will surface again.  And when they do, what will the consequences be to us, our families, and society?

I write this hoping you will consider every path available to you such as adoption, and not just the road leading to what you have convinced yourself, is in your best interest.  Death is not in the best interest of the baby.

I know Mrs. H. is smiling in heaven.  Her prayers for me were answered many years after our phone conversation.

I send my love and prayers to all of you reading this.  See my contact page and email or write me.  I’d love to answer you.