Our Growing Inhumanity and Callousness

I never cease to be amazed at how far society has fallen in their acceptance of what is morally wrong, or in my opinion, better stated as evil. This post contains some links to good examples of my thoughts contained here.  I hope you read them.

I follow a few pro-life websites, and there are times I’m barely able to finish their articles about abortion before I begin to weep and the need to pray completely overwhelms me. The Holy Spirit speaks to my spirit, and I start interceding in prayer for our country and other countries who sanction, or even order the killing of unborn babies by abortion. In some cases, infants born alive during abortion procedures are murdered by the doctor, or, medical care is withheld from these children until they die.  These babies are unceremoniously placed out of sight, left to die alone, without care or thought because they were supposed to succumb to the abortion procedure.

I do want to say, in some United States hospitals and also, in some abortion clinics, there are medical staff who struggle with the horrific practices I spoke of in the preceding paragraph. I’ve read more than a few articles about nurses whose hearts break because of abortion practices, yet they must follow their employer’s requirement which is to obey the law of our country that states a woman has a “right” to take the life of her unborn child. See this link: http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/this-is-so-hard.-oh-god-its-so-hard-nurses-tell-of-aborted-babies-born-aliv

More late-term abortions are taking place. These procedures need a woman to give birth. The result is, many more babies do not die from the lethal injections or chemical solutions meant to kill them.  According to the Journal of Medical Ethics, debates are now taking place about killing newborns if the woman chooses because the child would be a financial, physical or emotional burden to the mother OR the family. See the following link:http://jme.bmj.com/content/early/2012/03/01/medethics-2011-100411.full

In my past post entitled: When God Says-”Don’t Do That!”-It’s Because He Loves Us I talk about God in His wisdom knowing if He gives the human race an inch, we take ten miles, so to speak, and end up destroying ourselves and others. Yet, He gives us a chance to honor Him by making good, moral, loving choices like He desires for us.

I cannot fathom the reasoning of women who would actually give birth to an unwanted child and will NOT place it for adoption in a loving home, yet they follow through with abortion.  There is no excuse for this tragedy when so many women today are unable to have biological children.  Our culture has senselessly bought into the lie of satan that what we think is best for ourselves, far outweighs the lives of our own children.

Please, please give adoption serious consideration if you are pregnant and can’t keep your child.  Give life and love to your little one by allowing your baby to fulfill its God-given purpose for his or her life.  God will see your heart and take care of you, your child and the family who will love your baby as their own.  I know this for a fact.  I have two adopted children who are now grown with beautiful families of their own.. Don’t listen to the lies of our culture that increasingly speak in favor of death and destruction.

Remember this; when you abort your child, you take the lives of generations of people.

I will pray for you.  Feel free to contact me.  I love the two women who gave life to my children.  I will forever be thankful and grateful to God for their choice of life.







Walk In The Light In Front Of You

During my work week, I spend lunch times reading, praying, listening to my favorite music, or to the radio.  Today as I flipped through the stations, I heard a minister say, “You know those old lanterns didn’t cast much light.”  I remained on that particular station and listened to a few more minutes of his story.  He said when he was very young, he would follow his dad down a road in the countryside that didn’t yet have electricity in that area.  His father held an old lantern in front of them to see where to walk, and as long as he followed his dad, he was safe, and didn’t get lost.  The lantern only shined light at their feet, and did not show them the road beyond.  They had no idea what lay ahead.  Was there a ditch, a bend in the road, a washout, an animal or snake?  They could only see far enough to walk the path right in front of them.

I changed stations to catch some music, but couldn’t put the minister’s lantern comment out of my mind.  The Holy Spirit nudged my heart and said, “That’s how the Father leads you most of the time.  His light to guide your life path, but always wanting you to stay close to Him for safety and direction, and when you do, you make it to the destination He’s leading you to.”

Wow, how many times in my life has that been the case?  Almost every day!  God lights our path with his word, during prayer as we ask for guidance or help, the Holy Spirit speaks to us if we keep our heart towards the Father.  Sometimes, He lights our path through people and circumstances, through pain and joy.  These are just a few of the things that come to mind.  He may use nature-His creation, or a song, artwork, a book, but something illuminates right in front of us.  I love that about God, when my light bulb comes on and I say,” O.K., I see what you’re doing, now.”

I believe God gives us dreams and prophetic words to help guide us, but usually, it’s the constant truth of His word, prayer and the voice of the Holy Spirit. 

I wish He’d say, “In six months, this particular thing is going to happen, so get ready, or, next year you’ll be at a different job and there will be a new child in your life.”  We think that would be good, if God just audibly told us our future; but we would worry, try to manipulate details and avoid doing other things He wants us to do.  Being human, we’d probably mess it up.  He knows our frailties, and He wants us to get to know Him.  We can only do that by spending time with Him, talking, worshiping and LISTENING.  So, for our good, Father God knows to shine light on the path just at our feet, and trust Him enough to follow along behind to the destiny His great love has provided for us. 

Besides, how many people would hear God if He wanted to give you His long-term plans for your life?  I’m sorry to say, not very many.  Being able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit takes a personal decision to make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior. Even after that, it takes time to recognize His voice, which is usually “still and small”.  You need a repentant heart, and the genuine desire to seek God’s face and get to know Him.  It’s something I seek in my life.  I ebb and flow.  I feel close and far away, but I know His Spirit lives inside me, guiding me, loving me, and like a good parent, chastising me when necessary.  Unconditional love.  

So, when something happens in your life you don’t understand, or when you make choices you wish you could reverse, or choices you shouldn’t have made, He’s there, moving the lantern, saying,”It’s alright.  I’m here.  Follow My light. I love you, and if you’ll ask, I’ll forgive and cleanse you.  Don’t be afraid.  I have a plan.  I KNOW THE ROAD AND I’LL LEAD YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.”


Giving Up Fear

Republican Paul Ryan, the United States Congressman from the first congressional District of Wisconsin, told a reporter during an interview that he gave up fear for Lent.  This was during a time his highly debated budget proposal plan was being presented to the House of Representatives, and due to it’s tough proposals on reducing government entitlement spending and downsizing the country’s deficit, the Congressman knew he would be politically and personally attacked by Democrats and Republicans, and that the news media would attempt their own textual and verbal assassinations.

The reporter asked him if the was serious, and was he doing it? The Congressman answered, “I’m working on it.”

Although the reporter appeared both amused and puzzled at his answer, the practice of taking hold of, or releasing thoughts and our response to them is not a new premise.

The bible states in 2nd Corinthians 10:5  KJV “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”   God’s word, the bible, says without faith it is impossible to please Him, and that He has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and a sound mind, Romans 8:15, Hebrew 11:6.

Thoughts and imaginations originate in our mind, the same place fear attacks us.  Fear is the opposite of faith.  Therefore, it’s not from God.  Father God is not double-minded.  He cannot and would not give us something He has already said does not please Him and that He told us is NOT from Him.   If it’s not from God, it’s from satan. Don’t take that fearful thought or temptation.  When it comes, recognize it for what it is.  Say, “NO!  I’m not going to receive this. Go from my mind, now!”  That’s one way to cast it down and get your mind back into captive obedience to God, who only wants good for you.  Then, ask God through the Holy Spirit to give you His peace, and thank Him for loving and caring for you in every area of your life.  You need to do both, tell the thought to go and ask God for His help.  Throw it out and replace it.  The more you practice, the easier it becomes and the less satan will bombard you in that area of fear or temptation. 

Because of our human nature and the world’s culture around us, our minds will always be assaulted with ideas that are not in line with God’s good plan for our lives.  He created each of us to live in this time and place, giving us talents, personalities, strength, compassion, abilities and determination to carry out His destiny and unique purpose that only we can bring to the earth and others around us.

Fear cripples, destroys and kills that destiny if we allow it to take up residence in our heart and mind.  God gave us a way out through His son, Jesus Christ.  Everything we need to live a victorious life is found in Him and His magnificent love for us. Give up fear by kicking it out!

I can’t end this post without encouraging women who are afraid the baby they long for will never be, or, by reaching out to women in a different position, who think if they don’t abort the child they carry, their own life will be destroyed.  Who’s telling you that? 

Not God . . .

God gave you the desire to have a child, don’t give up on the dream that came from Him. Tell the fear to go and start rejoicing and praising Him for whatever way He’s going to bring that child into your life! 

Abortion is not Gods plan. He gave the child life, so He wouldn’t tell you abortion is the answer.  It’s part of your destiny to give birth to the baby you carry.  He may choose another home for the child and a different path for you to walk, or He may show you He wants you to raise the child and for the two of your lives to be entwined as family.

Email me, or write.  I will answer, help and pray for you.  God is good.  He’s hope and mercy and loving kindness.


God’s Promises Are Yes & Amen!

Father God, You teach me what is good for me and lead me along the path that I should follow.

If I listen to and obey your commands, then peace overshadows me and flows through me like a gentle river and righteousness rolls over me like waves in the sea.

You have written my name on the palm of your hand. Those who trust in you will never be put to shame.

Contend with those who contend with me.  You are for me and nothing can stand against me.

Expose areas in my life that need Your healing and restoration.

Your promises are yes and amen!

You are God, You do not change.  Even my love for you is because You loved me first.

I long for You because You long for me.  I desire to know You because You woo me.

Nothing of me.  All is You.

You breathed on me and in me.  You spoke my destiny over me as a promise You cannot break.

You placed the seeker voice in my heart to find my purpose, to find You.  I finally see your promises and You are the same.

I try to let go, forget the past, knowing I’m blessed by Your mercy and steadfast love.

Accelerate Your Holy Spirit’s work in me to catch up with where You want me now!  Breathe on me again. Let You winds blow over me shrouding me in Your smoke, Your fire, the heady essence of You, God.

Your word is alive for the present.  The past is here for the present.  You are Your word and Your word is You.  I will peel away the layers, to see You.

Change me permanently.  Change me on the inside, where You live in me.

I love You Father.  Thank You for loving me first.



The Heart Of A Warrior

I love my sister very much, and she loves me.  Yet, as siblings usually are, we’re very different.  She’s the oldest and I’m the middle child.  Those positionings alone bring vast differences to the table in how we view life, ourselves as women, and how we approach God.  She’s bold, unafraid of the spotlight, actually thrives on it.  I’m just the opposite, and quite comfortable being in the background.

As a child, I viewed her as confident, strong, unafraid, and I wanted to emmulate her.  I still see her that way, but life and age opened my eyes and I see her struggle with who she is and what she wants to become, sometimes wondering if it’s too late, and will her dreams ever come to fruition.  She’s just like you and me.  Who hasn’t struggled with those issues.

I tell you these things because how we view ourselves and others, is probably, not how God sees us.  I discovered this truth as my journey to walk with God and really know His heart, took giant steps forward in the fall of 2009.

In September of that year, I took three days off from work to fast and be alone with God.  I remember being so excited as the time grew near.  I told Him more than once, “Just a few more days, God, and we’ll be alone together.  Three whole days and you can tell me anything you want.  They’ll be no distractions, no schedules, no interruptions.”

My time with Him was wonderful, but some of the things He told me and showed me, blew me away.  I cannot reveal all the details, but the picture He painted of how He saw me was not the same view I had of myself.  To say they were opposite would be a huge understatement.

I told the Lord I was a very unlikely candidate for the purposes He had just called me to.  He laughed and said,”Man, (being me) looks on the outside.  I see your heart.  You have the heart of a warrior with the feet of a dancer.”

As a christian, I believe fasting and prayer go hand in hand.   I do not, and have not fasted as often as I should, but like all the things I’ve learned along my spiritual journey, you just keep moving forward.  The old is gone, and each day all is new.  Remember when you’re tempted to drown in your guilt and unforgiveness, that Jesus died and shed His blood for you.  Receive that gift and apply it to your heart.  His sacrifice will wash you clean, but you must believe and ask for it.

Me, the heart of a warrior?  Of myself, it seems impossible, but the things I’ve done in the last two years are things I thought I’d never do.  But God knew. . .

I think I’ll trust His view of me.  You can trust Him, too.



Are You Pregnant & Don’t Want To Be?

Don’t make a decision that could torture you later without getting alone with yourself and God and truthfully share your heart with Him.  Ask Him to show you what to do.

If you’re in this situation and read my post, Let’s Talk About Babies, you’re probably thinking how could anyone like myself help someone like you?  I wanted a child, you don’t.

Remember, I said God was the one who decides when we arrive in this world.  I also believe the opposite is true.  He’s the one who decides when we leave it.

Every child is God’s gift to us.  Every child.  Their unique qualities, talents and abilities will not appear in someone else because He created each of us with a destiny all our own.

When a child is aborted it’s easy to think the “problem” was taken care of.  In reality, it’s only begun.  A human life was terminated, and not by God.  The child’s purpose on the earth ceases if you decide to terminate your pregnancy.  Abortion takes not only the life of one child, but generations of people who will never be.  The baby whose life is ended by abortion will not have children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and on and on.

If you choose abortion, all those people will never exist…

What great art and music will never be seen or heard?  What scientific research, medical cures, financial solutions, inventions, teachers and entrepreneurs will civilization not have the benefits of? I haven’t even mentioned the doctors, nurses and emergency workers who save countless lives everyday.  Your child has a destiny.  Maybe one I mentioned, or one of a long list too numerous to post here.

But a future only he or she created by God to fulfill.

What about you?  Have you thought of your child’s life from this perspective, or just from your stress, your inconvenience and your financial situation?  If there’s one thing I learned in the years I waited for my children was God’s timing is His own, and rarely, if ever, the same as ours.  Remember?  He sees the big picture of our lives, not just the now we are so focused on.

Please remember this; as much as I have spoken about Gods love and future for your child, the same holds true for you.  He has a plan and purpose for your life, too.  He loves you just as much as He loves the child you carry.  The baby in your womb is a part of that destiny.  Give God your life and the life of your child.  He will make a way where there seems no way if you’ll just ask Him to.

Let me pray for you and your child. I see you as my sister when I pray.  You need to know you and your child are important to me.

Father God, My sister needs your help.  She’s pregnant and that’s not what she wants.  She’s afraid, and may be thinking aborting the baby is her only way out.  Touch her heart, now, in the way only You can.  Fill her with your peace so You can talk to her and she can hear You.  You love her so much, with a love that started before she was born.  The same love You have for the child she carries in her body.  There’s a part only she can play in the life of this baby.  Give her the strength to do it.  Show her how to do it.  Make a way for her to do it.  Father God, nothing is impossible for You.  Make yourself real to my sister, today.  Give her Your peace and unspeakable joy for making the decision for life.  I ask this in the name of my Lord Jesus.


Sister, I will keep you in my prayers.  You can email or write me.  See my contact page.


Future Posts: Abortion Alternatives