What Would Your Sign Say about You?

What would we think about ourselves if we were forced by someone to wear signs advertising our thoughts, behaviors, intentions, achievements and failures and that person was the one deciding what our sign would say for that day.

I think most of us would spend the majority of our time in our homes. . .

Imagine, going to work in the morning and the sign you had to wear said, ” I hate my job, my boss is an idiot, and I’m going to do as little work today as I can get away with.”  We probably wouldn’t have a job for very long.  And yet, how many of us feel that way and never express it, except perhaps to those people we feel “safe” with.

If someone could read my mind, knew all the details of my life, and told me I had to openly advertise anything they chose about my life and thoughts and wear it as a sign, honestly, I don’t think I could go on living.  On my own, I’m not capable of living a life of perfection or maintaining only righteous, Godly thoughts.  Jesus told us there is no one righteous, not one single person.  He is the only one who lived a perfect life.

Think about it.  Each day we would see signs on people that say, ” I stole from the department store,” or, ” I’m a hit and run driver, ” or “I abused my child.”  So many frightening signs and far, far fewer that say, ” I gave to the poor and didn’t take credit for it,” or, “I scooped snow from my elderly neighbor’s driveway.”

“If you’re considering abortion, your sign might say, “I’m thinking about killing my baby.”

The things we think about in the privacy of our minds can come to pass if we dwell on them long enough.  Those things, good and bad, are not secrets to God.  He knows the thoughts and intentions of our hearts.

I’m so grateful no person is deciding what my sign should say.  I do think we write our own signs, even if we don’t wear them on the outside, we wear them on our hearts and live with the consequences of what they say, everyday.

If you’re thinking about abortion, write this sign for you heart instead.  “I’m chosing life for my baby and trusting God to make a way for me and my child.”

God’s sign for you will say, “This my daughter, I love her and I will help her.”

Think about it. . .