Reconciliation Prayer

A few years ago I wrote a prayer for reconciling my heart with my son.  I’ve prayed it often about other people and circumstances, but mostly in regard to my attitude.  Time has brought the gift of wisdom in a few areas at least, and when the Holy Spirit reminds me to first remove the log from my eye so I can pray for others about the speck in theirs, I hasten to do so.

If you’ve read my posts, you know I have two children who are adopted.  I am their mother in every sense of that word and that includes the stresses, tensions and disappointments experienced by both the parent and the child.  My children bring me great joy and love, but we are human beings, and with that, we get the flaws and the pain as well.  Here is my prayer.  Use it as a guide to help in your life and parenting experience.

Reconcile my son to me.  Reconcile me to my son.  Cleanse us both and set us free from me verses him and him verses me.
Lord Jesus, dig up the lies from our hearts and expose them to the light of your truth.  Purge us, renew our minds and our hearts.
Cover us with your blood sacrifice.
Create in me a clean heart.  Give me yours.  Forgive us, both.  Protect us.
In your mercy, restore the time lost with joyful expectation.  Replace old memories of both our disappointments with fresh hope in you, Jesus.  Give us joy, belief, faith, certainty and the freshness of your Holy Spirit.
Grant us the restorative power of Your love.
Thank you for making us a family.  Help us always to remember how much we love each other.
Let it be this day as you led me to pray.  Amen!”



Children-A Gift from God

 Children, too are a gift from God . . .Psalms 127

Children come into our lives in many ways.  Most are born into our families, many adopted, some fostered, mentored or rescued by the kindness and good deeds in our daily life.  No matter which way they arrive, children are a gift from God and therefore, our responsibility to love, nurture and protect.

A few days ago my daughter, who is so good at staying in touch with me when I let life sap my energy and want to hibernate, sent me a text inviting my husband and me to her house for chicken and noodles after work. My son-in-law made the delicious meal and we enjoyed the evening with them and chased our non-stop two-year old grandson around the house while he said quite pointedly, “Grandma Donna, gitta me.”  The evening at their home was the warm, comfortable time I’d dreamed of when thinking about raising my children and watching them grow into moms and dads with little ones of their own.  While at my daughter’s home, I’d left my phone in the car, so I missed a phone call from my son.  He’d left me a voicemail that touched my heart.  He told me he’d been thinking about me, praying for me, and reminded me that God cared about an issue I’ve struggled with in my life.  That was it.  Nothing about himself and his life, it was all concern for me. I was his mom, and he wanted me to know he loved me.

If you read my post Adoption-An Answer To The Pain, you know both my children are adopted and that I’ve had two miscarriages.  I went home after the evening with my daughter’s family, listened to my son’s voicemail, and wept.  God, in His merciful goodness, reminded me of the precious gift He’s given me in both of my children and grandchildren.  Because I was able to adopt, not only did I become a mom, but a grandmother, too.  The lives of children are generational, and the blessing they bring to our lives passed on through those generations.

Before my children arrived, I often cried out to God that I’d have to endure this pain all over again when the time in my life came that I should be a grandmother and would not be.  God loved me so much.  Just like He loves you.  He heard my cry and answered my prayer.

If you cannot keep and raise your child yourself, I sincerely understand this.  You can still give them your love and their life.  Prayerfully, consider adoption.  The life you carry is generational, and so many families are waiting and praying for the chance to love and care for the child you can place in their lives and hearts while caring for, and loving yourself and your child.

God will honor and bless your decision for life.

I know. . . and everyday I’m reminded.